Wedding Gardens

Beautiful New Wedding Gardens

Field Place Manor House & Barns has undergone a number of improvements over the last 12 months, including the implementation of a stunning new wedding garden.

The Wedding Gardens was designed and project managed by Juliet Sargeant, who has won gold at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Juliet has over 20 years’ experience of winning awards for her imaginative solutions to complex garden problems and her fabulous design provides a beautiful backdrop to weddings and a lovely, tranquil addition for our customers and visitors to enjoy for many years to come.

Juliet Sergeant has designed The Wedding Gardens to appeal to as many people as possible. If you are celebrating with friends, or just want a quiet moment to yourself, you will be able to find a pleasant spot amongst the colourful plants and scented flowers.

There are several ‘rooms’, which will bloom at different times of year, so there will always be something changing in the garden and new plants coming to life.

The Bandstand & Labyrinth Garden

At its heart is The Labyrinth Garden, or white garden, because every bloom is white. Through spring, summer and autumn, there will be a series of white flowers in amongst the silver, green and purple leaves.

Silver-leaved weeping pear trees stand alongside the olive trees and the whole area is enclosed by dwarf red-leaved cotinous bushes. With central planting including white wisteria, white roses, white hydrangers, japanense anemonies and olive trees.

There is a covered bandstand, which will be festooned in roses, clematis and white wisteria – so this is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding. In this central space, there is also a granite labyrinth, which you can use for games, or for quiet reflection.

The Wedding Cake Trees (three slow-growing Cornus contraversa variegate, will eventually form spreading trees with layered branches of green and white leaves).

Rosa Wedding Day (this rampant rose will quickly cover the gazebo in the White Garden).

Exochorda macrantha The Bride (this short-flowering shrub, in the White Garden is well worth the wait. Each shrub is covered in an abundant froth of white in May)

The entrance to the garden is planted with Lilacs and Mayflower, with spring bulbs under the grass there is much to enjoy.
Field Place Manor House & Barns outside ceremony
Field Place Manor House & Barns gardens - July 2018
Field Place Manor House and Barns new garden

The Wisteria Walk

The main Wisteria Walk, is a pergola leading from the Pavilion to the White Garden.

In May & June it will be covered in Wisteria, which will give way to pink clematis montana and then to fushia pink roses that will repeat flower; the roses will last until autumn. Along the bottom of Wisteria Walk is planted cat mint which has variegated foliage and a small purple flower. Rosa Uetersen This pink, climbing rose flowers from June to October/November.

The Lavender Walk and Blue Roses

The Lavender Walk takes you along the blue rose border, which has all blue and white flowers, such as Hibiscus, Hydrangeas, Pensteamum, hardy Gerannimus, Hydrangega and Agapanthus. The Lavenders will bloom in mid-summer, with the Roses and then the other blue flowers will take over in late summer.

The pleached Hornbeam growing on bamboo frames along with the beach trees filled out during 2018, and in time create a solid green hedge, perfect for creating privacy sight lines and helping make our garden into “rooms”.

Rosa Blue for You. These are so unusual, they are worth it.
Field Place Manor House and Barns new garden

The Cherry Walk and Lilac Glade

The approach to The Wedding Gardens, will be either along the Cherry Walk, bright pink in spring, or through the Lilac Glade, which will be beautifully scented in May.

The Cherry Trees have been planted so that they fill out an eventually join together, creating blossom in spring to cherry's in Summer. Alongside the Cherry trees we have planted Hawthorn trees to develop the autumn color through to September/October.

The Pavilion Par Terre

This formal part of the garden has strongly scented roses climbing on tall obelisks and is a lovely place to relax on the seats and enjoy the blooms. Later in the summer clematis will flower on the obelisks and in the autumn Hyrgangeas will bloom.

Each bed has box hedging which will grow together to form a evergreen boarder. With climbers such as clematis and pink roses growing up through the distressed obelisks they provide a pink tone to a shaded area. With semi evergreen bushes that will create pillars of green with tiny white flowers.

Growing underneath the pavilion walkway are white and pink Hydrangers which will flower from June throughout the summer, along with orange & red Geum, hardy Geraniums, Astrantias, and Cimicifuga. The Christmas box is scented in the evening providing a beautiful perfume in the colder months.

Along the edge of the Pavilion Parre Terre and ready to grow up the oak beams are Apricot Thornless Roses called Bathseba; that when in flower will carry through the terracotta colour from the roof of the Pavilion barn.

The central beds have been seeded with a mixture of wild flower seeds to create a prairie look, the north beds with hot colours, the south beds with tones of blues and purples.

The Amenlanchier Trees will create a copper colour mid summer, and will continue to turn through autumn. Thornless Roses Along the side of the Pavilion we have planted Thornless Roses, which are a very useful addition if you have limited space in your garden: Rosa Bathsheba and Rosa Ghislaine de Feligonde.
Field Place Manor House and Barns new garden

The Barn Par Terre

The other formal garden is in front of the barn, where spring azalea scent will fill the air by the steps, red, orange and yellow flowers will bloom in the summer, followed later by exotic Canna Lilies in the large terracotta pots.

With Tulips in Spring through to Canna Lilies in Summer there is much to enjoy. With a wide selection of flowering plants such as Pittosporum, Prennias, Rubekkica and Geams.