Gardens and Grounds

At Field Place Manor House & Barns we have a beautiful English Country Garden that will provide the most exquisite backdrop to your wedding.

In 2018 we commissioned our brand-new wedding garden and bandstand, where couples could marry in the sunshine with up to 150 guests. Designed and project managed by Juliet Sargeant, Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Winner, our delightful Gardens opened that Spring and have been blossoming ever since. 

The Bandstand

Our ceremonial band stand lies at the heart of our Wedding Gardens. Festooned in white Roses, Clematis and white Wisteria, this is the perfect location for an outdoor wedding. In this central space, there is also a granite labyrinth, which you can use for games, or for large group photographs.

The Wisteria Walk

Our Wisteria Walk is an oak beamed pergola, which is an aisle leading from the Pavilion to the bandstand.

Throughout Summer, the pergola will be covered in Wisteria, which will give way to pink Clematis Montana and then to fuchsia pink Roses that will repeat flower and last through Autumn. Along the bottom of the Wisteria Walk is planted Cat Mint, which has variegated foliage and a small purple flower. 

The Lavender Walk and Blue Roses

The Lavender Walk takes you along the Blue Rose Border, which has all blue and white flowers, such as Hibiscus, Hydrangeas, Pensteamum, hardy Gerannimus and Agapanthus. The Lavender will bloom in mid-Summer with the Roses and then the other blue flowers will take over in late summer.

The pleached Hornbeam growing on Bamboo frames, along with the Beach Trees, filled out during 2018 and in time will create a solid green hedge, perfect for creating an intimate feel for your ceremony.

The Cherry Walk and Lilac Glade

The approach to The Wedding Gardens will be either along the Cherry Walk, bright pink in spring, or through the Lilac Glade, which will be beautifully scented in May.

The Cherry Trees have been planted so that they fill out and will eventually join together, they will blossom in spring and bear cherries in Summer. Alongside the Cherry Trees we have planted Hawthorn Trees to develop Autumn colour through to September and October.

The Pavilion Par Terre

This formal part of the garden has strongly scented Roses climbing on tall obelisks and is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the blooms.

Climbers such as clematis and pink Roses growing up through the distressed obelisks provide a pink tone to a shaded area. With Semi-evergreen bushes that will create pillars of green with tiny white flowers. The Christmas box is scented in the evening providing a beautiful perfume in the colder months.

Along the edge of the Pavilion Par Terre and growing up the oak beams are Apricot Thornless Roses called Bathseba, which carries through the terracotta colour from the roof of the Pavilion Barn, throughout summer.

The central beds have been seeded with a mixture of wild flower seeds to create a prairie look, the north beds with hot colours and the south beds with tones of blues and purples.

The Barn Par Terre

In front of the Sussex Barn, spring Azalea scent will fill the air by the steps with red, orange and yellow flowers that bloom in the summer.

With Tulips in Spring, through to Canna Lilies in Summer, there is much to enjoy. With a wide selection of flowering plants such as Pittosporum, Prennias, Rubekkica and Geams.