It's all about you!

No two couples are the same so why have a one-size fits all wedding ceremony? Using our celebrant service means you get to start your life together with a ceremony that reflects who you are as people, and more importantly, who you are as a couple.

We are a friendly and knowledgeable team of two accredited celebrants who will get to know you and will tailor the perfect service without boundaries or restrictions. It’s truly all about you.

Why Choose a Celebrant?

As a Celebrant we would get to know you as a couple. How you met, who you are, and what you want in life together, your hopes and dreams. We will ensure this resonates through to your wedding day, where we will guide you through your ceremony. We’ll find ways to include and involve all your favourite people and ultimately, we’ll craft a ceremony which does your love justice.

Within your ceremony we really don’t have any rules. We can include any reading you like, something classical, biblical, a poem or a piece of prose that makes everyone laugh. If you would like everyone to sing – we can! If you have a friend who would like to play music – they can!

The Legal Bit

So, let’s start logically with obvious question – Can a professional Celebrant legally marry couples? By law, the marriage must be conducted by a person, or in the presence of a person, authorised to register marriages in the district. The marriage must be entered in the marriage register and signed by both parties, two witnesses, the person who conducts the ceremony and, if that person is not authorised to register marriages, the person who is registering the marriage.

West Sussex Registration service

Before you can marry or enter into a civil partnership, both you and your partner are legally required to give notice of your intention to marry at your local register office. To request a date you would need to call the Ceremonies Team to discuss this on 01243 642122

In West Sussex all standard legal declarations are conducted in Crawley Registry Office, which is in Crawley Library. It has its own separate entrance, and a small room where you and your two witnesses go to partake in the legal declaration. Within this service you are permitted to have minimal vows and promises, and you sign your declaration of marriage. This takes 15 minutes.

Service costs:

  • Standard Legal Declaration £57 per couple
  • Printed Marriage Certificate £11 each


What Next?

If the idea of taking full control of your wedding ceremony appeals to you, then we would love to hear from you to discuss your day. Email us at the below address and one of our lovely team will provide you with all the information you need about celebrant led ceremonies. The options really are limitless!