Environmental & Energy Policy


Good environmental management is vital to the future of our business and community and must be an everyday part of what we all do. We aim to develop and maintain an appropriate approach to environmental management and ensure sufficient resources are made available to meet our objectives:

The Policy applies to all South Downs Leisure facilities.

The objective of this policy is to define South Downs Leisure’s approach to energy and environmental operations throughout its facilities. The policy informs staff, customers and stakeholders of South Downs Leisure’s aims to reduce its impact on the local and global environment and to ensure that relevant legal and other requirements are met.


Reduce gas and electricity consumption annually so that carbon emissions are reduced by 1% based on the previous financial year. A targeted like for like reduction of 5% in CO2 emissions has been set for 2020 based on 2015 baseline.


Develop specific energy and environmental training plan for key staff to ensure training and information are in place, so all staff are better informed and educated to understand key environmental issues and what they must do.


To be committed to comply with all applicable legislation and other requirements relating to its environmental aspects and impacts. Closely monitor and report on energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Waste management

Introduce and maintain a waste management and recycling strategy. Educate our staff and customers on recycling.

Renewable energy

Develop a clear approach to the use of renewable energy as part on the Energy and environment plan and sub group.


Maintain an Environmental Management System with an aim of accreditation to ISO14001 by 2020

Refurbishment & Replacement

Ensure that environmental and sustainability considerations are evaluated as a key element of future physical developments at all South Downs Leisure facilities. Our policy should be to re-use, recycle and replace.

Each of our leisure facilities have identified an Energy Champion to take a lead on the South Downs Leisure Environmental and Energy sub group. Our Energy Champions are trained and given the opportunity to attend courses to help them with energy efficiency, sustainable operations and monitoring and targeting. They’re also there to assist the Operations Director in implementing other environmental initiatives, raise awareness and to ensure a sustainability culture and ethos throughout the Facilities, with staff and customers.